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"The most fulfilling place for me is helping individuals and brands feel more empowered about marketing."

Maybe you can relate to this. Growing up, I dreaded going to math class (trigonometry? hard pass). I would’ve rather been in the library. I lived for reading books, hanging out in English class and learning more about human behavior. I’ve always been fascinated by why people do what they do.

My parents always joked that when I was younger, while other girls were asking for dolls, I was asking when I could get my own computer. I remember sitting in my dad’s office chair as a kid teaching myself HTML on Geocities so that I could build my own website. To this day, I love learning about new technology, and finding easier ways to do just about everything.

Now that I'm here, I believe I've found my true calling. Not only do I get to apply the foundations of psychology and consumer behavior to my clients' businesses - I also get to apply modern marketing practices that help their brands grow.

Having spent years in the corporate world, I’ve finally realized that the most fulfilling place for me is helping individuals and brands feel more empowered about marketing. I want to help you become a better marketer in any way I can, whether that's working side by side as a trusted partner, or executing the plan that helps you move your business forward.

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"Sam Ogborn had her start in marketing working for large corporations like Kraft, Nike, Red Bull and Walgreens. Now a marketing consultant, founder and CEO, her passion is helping people feel more confident about marketing."

“Sam Ogborn recommends the single most insightful book that helped supercharge her career.”

“In this podcast episode, guest Sam Ogborn shares how TikTok can serve as a savvy PR tool when used properly.”

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