Is blogging dead?

Answer this first: what is the primary reason why blogging exists? It’s not to educate visitors of your website about your product (although, it can be.) It’s not because you’re looking to start your personal diary (although once again, it can be). If you’re starting a blog in 2021, then SEO can and should be, the North Star of your content strategy.

Growth tip #1: distill your brand’s category into relevant long-tail keywords

Let’s say your brand’s category is in fishing. Well, a Google search for just the keyword “fishing” yields over two billion results alone. If you focus your blog topics on the fishing keyword in order to rank higher in a Google search, you’ll most likely never reach the first page of a Google search organically.

On the other hand, if you create a blog topic around something more specific, such as “how to catch striped bass”, you’re now going up against just two million search results - so you’ll have a much higher likelihood of ranking, and therefore driving traffic to your site as a result.

Growth tip #2: use a platform that lends itself to better SEO

If you’ve custom-built your website (and didn’t use a platform like Wordpress, Squarespace, ShowIt, Webflow, Shopify, etc.) then it’s going to be much more cumbersome programming your website for SEO.

However, if you use a platform like Wordpress, there are endless plugins that take the guesswork out of crafting SEO for your blog posts (my favorite being Rankmath, and it’s free). Once you install a plugin like Rankmath, you’ll automatically get a “score” that helps you improve your writing for SEO.

Growth tip #3: create a habit of creating content

I’d recommend blogging at least once a week if you haven’t already started a blog on your website to begin building a content machine. When we talk about blog post length, we’re not talking about 300 words - according to top SEO tools, posts must now be at least 600 words minimum to capture the attention of Google.

Why? Google wants to send traffic to credible sites that answer questions and provide details. The shorter the post = the less informative for the reader, and the more likely a user bounces from your site. If writing isn’t your thing, there are fantastic writers on Fiverr who will write your posts with your focus keywords in mind.

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