We help ecommerce businesses grow through conversion-focused tactics and smart strategic marketing.

Our team partners closely with your business to evaluate, establish, and optimize your performance online so that you can increase sales.


We partner with trailblazing brands and influencers who want to become powerhouse marketers. Make this year your year of growth.

SEO Strategy and Support

Our Fractional CMO package is one of our most popular among startups and unique brands who don't want to hire an executive full-time. Borrow O+M founder Sam for ongoing high level marketing strategy and light execution.

This can include:
1. Branding and targeting strategy
2. Content and channel strategy
3. SEO/email/paid strategy
4. General marketing optimizations
5. Product page and conversion rate optimization
6. Copywriting
7. Anything else that needs attention or extra TLC

Conversion-Optimized Site

Here, we focus on the development of new creative, new website creation or a redesign of a current website, as well as the development and creation of marketing funnels or automations to further drive conversions. 

This can include:
1. Website design or redesign
2. Marketing funnels and automations
3. Differentiated paid strategy with new and improved creative
4. Improved checkout flows
5. Cart abandonment flows
6. SEO

Agency - Testing & Analytics

It’s not enough to build a strategy and website without proper testing to uncover new insights and opportunities. We’ll use a handful of different tools to understand what’s working well, and where we can recommend tweaks and modifications to what’s been created to increase sales.

This can include:
1. Copy testing
2. Creative testing
3. Custom landing page testing
4. Social content testing

Agency - Growth Marketing

Maybe you need a combination of the above, or your brand is set and you need ongoing support to grow. With the right marketing stack and execution, your brand can continue to reach more prospective customers and entice them to buy from you- again and again.

This can include
1. Email/SMS strategy and execution
2. Paid media strategy and execution
3. SEO
4. New platform opportunities
5. Shopify app toolkit optimizations

In your own words

“Sam is extremely good at what she does and I was continuously impressed the entire time we worked together. She went above and beyond."


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